Capt. Bayne DeAngelos
Scourge of the Three Rivers and Keeper of the Colors.
From the Real Pittsburgh Pirates
John "the Mad Dutchman
He's in charge of the ladies.
B. A. Brian
He's in charge of Morale and the ship.
D. M. Atlas
We're not really sure what he does...
Captain Hook
He's not a fan of reptiles...
You all know Elizabeth, Will and dear ol' Capt. Jack

Now it's time ya met the rest of the Crew of

       The Pirate Empire       
Long-Peg Louie
He IS the Crow's nest!
He Also breathes Fire!
Hector  "Backstabbin"  Barbossa
He's NOT the Captain!... and trim that scraggly beard!
** The Crew **
Capitan Don Juan the Magnificent
* And his amazing bird show *
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Santa Claus/Holiday

Devlin O'Driscol
Keeper of the keys to the Rum locker.
Capt. Guiseppi Marmoth
Ships Rum Taster and Tattoo Artist
Ya wanna make friends with HIM!
From the Real Pittsburgh Pirates
Alem "Cookie" Cancan
Ships Cook and scury dog
...Eat at yer own risk!
Dastardly Dylan
Ships 3/4 master...
Bones "Doc" McGee
Ships Navigator and all around nice fella
Mister Joshua
Ships Fist Mate