** Capt. Jack's Treasure Chest **
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  • "$ 350.00 Payment for Mascot character.

    This is for whichever Mascot character was specified in previous phone conversation. I.e. Mickey, Donald, Chase, Buzz, etc. Pirates, Princesses, Superheroes, etc.

  • Capt. Jack's 1 Ring "Dragon"

    Capt. Jack's left hand-thumb ring

  • Capt. Jack's 1 Ring "Stolen"

    Capt. Jack's Ring for Right Hand Ring Finger

  • Capt. Jack's 3 Ring Set

    This 3 Ring set includes: ~One (1) Faux Silver and Jade "Dragon" Ring ~One (1) Faux Gold and Amethyst "Stolen" Ring ~One (1) Faux Gold, Diamond and Onyx "Button" Ring (Still on the card) *Shipping Included*

  • Capt. Jack's a Tia Dalma Pendant

    This is the replica pendant is modeled on the one given to Tia Dalma by her lover, Davy Jones.

  • Capt. Jack's Barbossa Pendant

    This handsome pendant of that traitorous, scraggly-bearded deck-ape, Hector Barbossa was "Borrowed without his permission". (Still on the card) *Includes shipping*

  • Capt. Jack's Bead Set

    Capt. Jack's Bead Set No Pirate is worth his salt without sportin' some o' Capt. Jack's beads! This is a set. If you are interested in individual strands or Pieces please inquire via email. *Custom orders available!* **Beads and coins may slightly vary.**

  • Capt. Jack's Beads: Red/White Skunk beads

    One (1) Large and One (1) Small Red and White Skunk bead

  • Capt. Jack's Beads: Skull beads

    These Hand carved, Tibetan, Yak-bone, Buddha beads are antiques from the early 1820's. Two (2) to a set

  • Capt. Jack's Black Pearl Earrings

    Genuine Black pearl and bone skull earring set. Comes with free gift pouch.

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*** Notice ***

Shipping Internationally costs me more so it will cost you more.
Please E-mail me BEFORE you purchase anything for an International order.
To make a payment for a "CUSTOM ORDER" Please go to my Paypal acct: thepirateempire@yahoo.com
This is different than my E-mail address.

ANY refunds are at the sole discretion of the proprietor.